Bay East Website Search Features

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Optima Express search form

Property Search

Site visitors will love the intuitive, user-friendly search form that quickly locates properties.

Interactive Map Search

Offer engaging, visual search directly on Google maps. Click on any property to view the full details. Try a live demo.

Advanced Search

This detailed search option allows your visitors to narrow their search using MLS-specific criteria for listings using criteria such as distressed status, subdivision, golf course or waterfront properties.

Search Widgets

Add IDX / MLS Property Search to any page of your site using the free-text search form with auto-suggest.

Custom City/Zip Code Lists

Creating a custom city or zip code list to select just the cities or zip codes you’d like to appear in search form and widgets.

Your Listings First

When any of your own listings meet the search criteria, they always display at the top of the search results. Add your logo to have it displayed beside your listings in search results.

Address & MLS Number Search

Additional search options allow your site visitors to perform searches based on a property’s street address or MLS Number.

Open Homes

Site visitors can search for Open Homes on a dedicated Open Homes Search page or through the main search form.